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dental care

MOST, BUT NOT ALL, ADULT PETS  (dogs over 3 and cats over 4) need periodic dental cleanings. Please make an appointment to have a complimentary oral exam for your pet(s) done by one of our doctors. We will provide you with a treatment plan based on your pet's oral exam.

Treatment plans differ because of the size, age and /or general health of your pet, and the condition of teeth and gums. We have two levels of oral cleaning; Stage 1 or 2 and Stage 3 or 4.* The doctor will explain which level of cleaning is necessary for your pet, and when the pre-anesthetic blood work should be done.

Why Dental Care Is Important Proper dental care can detect dental disease that not only affects the mouth (bad breath for example), but can also lead to more serious health problems such as heart, lung, and kidney disease. 

Dale Mabry Animal Hospital Dental Cleaning Package includes:

* Ultrasonic dental scaling & fluoride polishing, IV catheter, anesthesia & anesthesia monitoring
* Complimentary ear cleaning, anal sac expression and pedicure
* FREE home dental care products

(This package does not include tooth extractions,  dental sealant, pain meds, antibiotics or pre-op bloodwork if needed)


The proper dental care is helping our pets live a happier and longer life, which is why we are such advocates for this form of care for all Tampa pet owners. The following questions usually come to mind when dental care is mentioned.

1). How do I know my pet needs a dental procedure?
2). How safe is the dental procedure?
3). How painful is the dental procedure?
4). Will there be any after care at home?

So, let us go through the questions.

1). Our doctors will talk to you about dental care and dental cleaning during your visit. We will provide complimentary oral exams. The exam consists of inspecting the teeth for tartar build up, loose teeth, and gum disease like gingival hyperplasia, gingivitis, and receding gum line. Just come on in during business hours!

2). Today, dental procedures are safer than ever.  The Dale Mabry Animal Hospital requires pre-anesthesia blood work for every pet. This blood work checks for proper liver and kidney function, proper hydration, and infection. The pet is monitored during the dental procedure for proper heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen saturation. The general anesthesia gas used today was developed for use in children, so its safety is well proven. There can be a mild cough or moist hack for 2-3 days after the general anesthesia and this is usually caused by the endotracheal tube placed during the procedure.

3). A routine cleaning and polishing of the teeth is usually non-painful.  The exception is that tooth extraction and gum surgery can be painful. The doctor may prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to be given at home after doing teeth extraction or gum surgery.

4). Home after-care is monitoring the pet to make sure they are eating and drinking water. Also, make sure to complete all medications sent home.

Pet dental care

More information can be found in our Pet Library (search for "dental care"). Under "How to . . ." videos, you can view brushing techniques.
Pet Dental Care - Tips to Manage Your Pet’s Oral Health

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