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Our online pharmacy (powered by Vets First Choice) offers convenient home delivery of a wide array of prescription diets, medications, compounded drugs, and parasite preventatives.

Non-prescription items may be ordered at your discretion. Prescription items may be ordered and will be automatically submitted to our staff for doctor's approval.

Login to your account with the email address on file with us. Click "Forgot Your Password" and a password will be emailed to you.

FREE SHIPPING with Autoship (also all foods!) and most orders over $49. You can change Autoship frequency any time.

Give us your email address today! A great feature of our store is that we can provide email reminders of when your pet's medications are due, and keep you updated on any specials. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE If you ever have questions or need help placing an order, our pharmacy has a customer service team ready to help. Call 888.606.3336. If you do not have an email address and would like to place an order, call customer service and they will create an account for you.

Click here for the FDA article on "Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer Beware"

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